Up one of the ancient steps in Cospicua one comes to a large unimposing doorway, otherwise unnoticed by any distraught passer-by, through which one can penetrate an age long foregone. It is the doorway to a dainty sixteenth-century lodge which belonged to a Knight Hospiteller. This building is more ancient than anything else in Cospicua.

At first sight the tapered facade of meagre features betrays what lies within. Beyond the portal,
in fact, one encounters the scrupulous mastery of ancient stonemasons, and the fascinating
improvisation of age-old architects, working on the charming mellowness of local stone.
Moreover, through this unique and precious dwelling, you may glimpse into the mysterious
world of sixteenth-century obsolete lifestyles.

This expertly converted lodge can be used for launches, small conferences, staff workshops, art exhibitions and standing receptions. One may also consider longer ventures, such as office spaces, developing a catering establishment or a fine boutique shop. The building is close to the Cospicua's main road leading to Vittoriosa, opposite Dock No. 1.

Words cannot describe the beauty of this Knight's lodge. Contact us to visit this unique sixteenth century gem and discuss its endless possibilites for your occasion.