The Production House  

Kottoner Productions has been set up to primarily produce radio programmes, adverts and jingles for our station Kottoner 98FM. But since its inception, Kottoner has worked with various other companies and organizations in designing and producing parts of their advertising campaigns. Our station was set-up in 1996 by a group of volunteers and has today developed into a local media organization which includes an audio production house, a radio station and a community magazine.

The files below are some samples of the work we have carried out in the last two years. These samples include radio jingles and adverts, voices and narrations for TV programmes and full band music production.

Fresh & Funky (One TV) - Voiced by Dorian Cassar  

A short feature aired on One TV during a music programme Fresh & Funky.

Presenter Lead Out - Voiced by Jim Merkel (USA)  

A quick liner to provide smooth seperation from adverts and music.

Sound Solutions Ltd. - Voiced by Patrick Camilleri  

A one liner used in a series of radio adverts done for Sound Solutions Ltd.

Il-Forn Winebar - Voiced by Cathy Smith (UK)  

Radio advert in English voiced by a professional English voice over artist. This advert was sold to the client and was also used on other radio stations.

Miracle Foods - Voiced by Dorian Cassar  

This was part of Miracle Food’s summer 2007 campaign. A total of eight different radio adverts were scripted, voiced and produced in our studios and were also aired on nationwide stations. We were also entrusted to produce their Christmas campaign.

Kottoner Demo Reel - Voiced by John Steward (AUS) and Patrick Camilleri  

This is another project by our production house for Kottoner 98FM. This is designed to give a fresh identity to the station and was launched in October 2008.

Venere (TVM) - Voiced by Dorian Cassar  

We have produced the voices for TVM fashion programme Venere for three consecutive schedules. We also did voiceovers for other TV programmes including Trekking, Bands and TV features for marathons organized by charity organizations.


Weather Reports - Voiced by various Kottoner’s voice over artists


These were used on Kottoner 98FM for our weather sponsorships.

Sedqa Campaign - Voiced by Rosalie Vella Piscopo, Melanie Brincat and Dorian Cassar  

We were commissioned by the government agency Sedqa to produce two separate campaigns for the Christmas period and for the summer holidays. We have also recorded and produced a full interactive CD for Seqda and another one for an EU project in collaboration with the Vittoriosa Local Council. In the case of Seqda, all music used was recorded and produced in our studios by musician Antonio Olivari.

Kottoner Sing-along Jingle - Composed & Recorded by: Patrick Camilleri and other musicians from our own band  

This part of Kottoner 98FM’s new jingle package that was launched in October 2008. All music was recorded and mastered in our studios.




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