The Three Cities Living a Story

One has to admit that our islands are not in the frontline with those countries possessing an abundance of natural resources. Riches that are generously found in other countries such as crude oil, gas and other types of liquids, coal, silver and gold are absent from this land.

ALFRED ATTARD writes about the rich history of our islands, left to us by our ancestors since Stone Age.

Written by Alfred Attard


Not so long ago, the Maltese islands were dominated by the Knights of Malta. They left us treasures in abundance; ranging from buildings to auberges and fortifications which to date, still make the Maltese people, especially those from the Cottonera, proud.

Amongst the great heritage that these ancestors gave us, one is bound to notice that the Three Cities, better known as the Cottonera, are a long surviving gem. Residents of the Cottonera ought to feel proud that they are able to live in these cities just like the Knights of Malta once did. Other Maltese people can only appreciate their beauty by visiting these cities or by reading about them. Consequently, we should consider ourselves fortunate that we live in this story, everyday.

One of the three cities mentioned above is Vittoriosa, otherwise known as Birgu. Although this city is the smallest of the three, there is still an abundance of museums and the other historical buildings one can enjoy.

The two other cities, Senglea and Cospicua, are not so fortunate in this regard. Without any doubt, they still have the potentials of great cities, but unfortunately, as the residents and other Maltese people may have noticed, these potentials have not been appreciated.

All in all us residents feel proud that we are part of the Cottonera, and although there were some shortcomings, we are a community - a community living in a part of the Maltese history!




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