What and Who is Kottoner 98FM?  


Kottoner 98FM is a truly unique radio station. Operating from the heart of the Cottonera, its home since 1996, has made a name for itself as one of Malta’s top local community radio stations.

The station offers the widest range of entertainment, from our hugely popular daily live morning magazine programme, our special weekend programming for kids and the younger generation and the daily live music programmes covering from the 1930s to today’s freshest sounds. Kottoner 98FM covers from classical to pop, from rock to alternative, from world to local music, and all this in a style that reaches all ages and tastes.

Cottonera's unique community station is equally committed to spoken word programmes, covering themes from religion to history, education and literature as well as advice slots dealing with legal, health, social and structural home reform matters.

Kottoner 98FM also covers all local events from either a news perspective, or through live coverages. This makes Kottoner 98FM the main entertainment and information provider on the local community stage.

A team of 45 totally committed professionals and volunteers work hard and to a high standard to keep the station running. Their collective effort guarantees the daily function of the station and help maintain its reputation as Malta’s top community radio station.





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